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Available Mid March


The only battery you will ever want to install on your home or business premises!



Battery Specs.....

  1. *10 Year System Warranty

  1. *Up to 1,000,000 charge cycles  - 1 Charge cycle per day = 2739 years!!!

  2. *Compare to Lithium iron batteries - 7300 cycles - 1 charge cycle per day = 20 years!!

  1. *100% DOD - Depth of discharge!!!

  2. *Lithium iron starts at 80% of nameplate capacity and reduces once the chemistry degrades!

  1. *Integrates with almost all solar panels (even ones already installed)

* iPhone or Android App for client

* Compliant to all current Australian Standards

* Plug and play, take it with you if you move

* Be immune to blackouts, the entire switchboard can be protected from power failure

* Store and release energy using Super Capacitors for a life-time+ of use without degradation

* Grid connected or completely off-grid, you can choose

* Power can be supplied from Solar PV, Wind, the Grid, Generator, Micro Hydro.....

* Power your premises with or without the support of the national electricity grid

* Remotely monitor your system, so no need to be at home or on site

* Utilize nearly unlimited peaking power for the toughest and most demanding applications

* Operate in the harshest climate and temperature ranges

* Remotely upgrade your system as more new features become available

* Highly Secure Connection to the internet

SECURE YOUR SUPER BATTERY - EMAIL  thesolarguy@t3sol.com.au

For F.A.Q’s go here Why Solar?

The Solar Guy will get back to you as soon as possible!

+ Super Capacitors are designed to operate for 10 to 45 years with minimal maintenance